testeshanaI-Work offers testing of candidates as a part of personnel recruitment projects and within individual projects on request by an enterprise. It means that an enterprise can test its current employees, or in case a client performs recruitment by themselves, they can test the candidates if they don’t have their own evaluation resources. We want to emphasize that testing the candidates’ psychological, professional or personality characteristics is only one component of personal evaluation and cannot be judged in isolation. In order to evaluate a candidate fully and to make assumptions, a comprehensive range of methods should be used.
I-Work offers personality and skill tests, and motivation research methods. In case an enterprise has put forward specific goals or criteria for their testing, we develop various exercises and additional methods. Our specialists will provide an extensive summary of test results and will offer their conclusions and suggestions. In the light of our vast experience in recruitment and career consultations, the test results can reflect a person’s professional progression, hidden talents and potential.