personala-atlaseThe traditional personnel selection and recruitment differs from head hunting with an extensive use of resources to attract the applicants, including published job ads. As a result, both the active and passive job seekers – head hunting candidates – can participate in the process of finding the necessary employee. In this case, the competition for a vacancy is non-exclusive because the number of participants is much larger. There is a competition for the particular position, but the most appropriate candidate wins – not the best candidate. For the traditional selection process, a precise plan and structure of selection process are developed.

Organization of a Traditional Personnel Selection Process

An enterprise submits a vacancy request, and I-Work specialists in co-operation with the client compile a profile of the required employee, including a job description, requirements and enterprise’s offer. Simultaneously, our specialists visit the client in person to find out more about the operation and main processes of the enterprise in order to understand the industry, for which an employee is being searched for.

I-Work specialists perform planning of resources and further steps that include compilation of a job ad and selecting the publishing resources. At the same time, additional resources are explored – the inner candidate database of I-Work that currently includes more than 25 000 purposefully saved, confidential candidate CVs. In separate cases, within the traditional selection process, we employ head hunting resources in order to ensure the best result, i. e. to find the necessary employee.

In the initial phase of selection, candidates’ CVs and applications are compiled, analysed and the initial selection is done – I-Work specialists interview the applicants on the phone and agree on meeting the most appropriate candidates in order to specify their professional competencies.

The final stage of selection is performed by employers themselves, and I-Work specialists support the employers with consultations, as well as gather the recommendations of the final candidates. On separate instances, we perform the testing or examine the professional skills of the contestants.

I-Work offers consultations to every client on organizing negotiations of establishing employment relationships as a guarantee for the employee found, regardless of the way he/she terminates the employment. The average term of guarantee for the traditional selection processes is 3 months.

During the guarantee period, I-Work specialists co-operate closely both with the enterprise and the candidate in order to ensure successful internal communication and efficient work commencement time.