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The Long List of Candidates

garais-sarakstsA comparatively unconventional type of personnel selection is the so-called Long List of candidates. The service includes only one part of the whole personnel recruitment process. In particular instances, enterprises have organized the recruitment processes themselves, but the resulting number of appropriate candidates is very small or additional candidates are required. Another aspect – an enterprise wants to economize on expenses, and this service is comparatively cheaper, however, it does not guarantee the desired results.

The Long List means that I-Work specialists select a particular number of appropriate candidates from its internal database of candidates, contact them to present the job offering and perform a short job interview on the phone. The list of candidates, who have agreed to participate in the competition, is sent to the enterprise. The main advantage of the service is the speed of the resource and results. The disadvantage is the possibility that the candidate may turn down the offer during the final interviews or he/she can turn out to be inappropriate during the evaluation processes, because the Long List provides candidates based on a very superficial evaluation, but, on the other hand, the service is comparatively cheaper than a full personnel recruitment project.


outplacementOutplacement basically includes consultations for the employees to be laid off, their integration and adapting to the market requirements, and continuous support throughout the process of searching for a new job. Enterprises choose this service, if they wish to help employees that have been or are to be dismissed with finding a new job faster and to provide a psychological support during the unemployment. It provides the enterprise with good reputation and positive publicity as a company that cares about its employees regardless of all difficulties.

The outplacement service consists of two stages: during the first month, an employee receives several career consultations that include individual coaching, training on development of job searching skills, stabilisation of the person’s psychological state, and consultations and technical support in writing a CV and the Letter of Motivation, and in preparing for a job interview.

The second stage of outplacement service, on average, is one to two months long: a consultant actively helps the person to participate in the processes of job market, informs about the possibilities, market trends, meets in person and discusses the job interviews that have taken place and other significant information that can help them to find a job. During this stage, I-Work specialists use the so-called job hunting method, which helps a person to achieve the desired results more quickly.

Courses and Workshops

apmacibasI-Work organizes various thematic workshops upon request: both open and closed, topical both for employers and employees. Throughout the recent years, countless seminars on candidate selection and evaluation have taken place – this has been the most requested workshop by employers. As a basis for the thematic part of the workshop, the book ‘Personnel Recruitment and Evaluation’ by Ilze Boitmane is used. Currently, it is the only methodical aid written in Latvian that is available to managers of enterprises, human resources and other specialists. Furthermore, I-Work has organized such workshops as ‘Employee Motivation’, ‘Management of Human Resources’ and other.

For the future, I-Work aims to develop courses on human resource management at a company.