head-huntingDirect recruitment or head hunting is one of the main personnel recruitment tools, when attracting professionals of the highest levels. Often there are only some professionals in the industry, and the demand is much greater than the supply, as well as there is a desire to attract the best specialist in the industry. These experts play a crucial role not only in the development of an enterprise, but the whole industry, therefore they are very valuable and sought-after.
The concept of head hunting at I-Work is different, because we organize it according to the principles of ethics, confidentiality and loyalty towards our current cooperation partners. It means that candidates, whom we reach to, are interested in new professional possibilities and challenges. When working within various industries, we observe the internal loyalty principle of not turning our head hunting activities against the enterprises of our partners.

Organization of a Direct Recruitment Process

1. An enterprise submits a vacancy request, and I-Work specialists compile a profile of the required employee and a list of enterprises that employ the potential candidates. The client analyses the list and makes necessary corrections. As a result, a comprehensive list of potential candidates is compiled and the recruitment process can be initiated.

2. I-Work specialists evaluate the resources necessary for candidate recruitment and agree on the next steps and deadlines with the client. I-Work specialists speak to the potential candidates and gather information about every potential candidate on the list.

3. I-Work specialists meet with the head hunting candidates in person, in order to perform motivational negotiations and find out candidates’ motivation for new challenges and to evaluate their competencies. A summary of every interview is written and presented to the client.

4. Further negotiations with the candidates are organized by the client, but I-Work specialists offer our resources – premises and equipment, so that the meeting could be confidential, if necessary. As a result, the enterprise agrees with the candidate about possibilities of further cooperation.

5. During the final stage, I-Work specialists offer multi-faceted testing of candidates, including tests of personality and specific skills, with an aim to reflect more profoundly the potential and competencies of the candidates.

6. I-Work offers consultations to every client on organizing negotiations of establishing employment relationships as a guarantee for the employee found, regardless of the way he/she terminates the employment. The average term of I-Work guarantee is 3 months, but the guarantee for the higher-level positions can be extended to a period of 6–12 months.

7. During the guarantee period, I-Work specialists co-operate closely both with the enterprise and the candidate in order to ensure successful internal communication and efficient work commencement time.