vizijaThe vision of I-Work Group is to develop the importance of personnel recruitment and skilled manpower in the market of Latvia, and to promote quality outsourcing services by becoming the leader of the market within the industry.

I-Work values

We highly value the contribution of our employees, because only people ensure the quality of our services and the development of our company. Respect for the candidates and job seekers is the key, because we work with a human and encouraging attitude and interaction. During job interviews and evaluation process, we are open and supportive in order to motivate and encourage candidates for the further process of selection.

taisniga-attieksmeEvery enterprise and client is special to us, and we are able to find the most appropriate solution for everyone. Our policies of co-operation, pricing and ethics are fair for everybody. We work only with companies that treat their employees with respect and honesty, and value their competencies.

etikaIn our work, we observe the highest ethics of business that are not legally formulated, but form the basis of mutual trust throughout all the processes of co-operation. We respect our partners and our competitors, and always promote the principles of co-operation and social responsibility.

godigumsOur employees are honest and open both with candidates and clients, in order to ensure the communication that is open and cooperation-oriented – the main prerequisites of collaboration.