sabiedriska-lidzdalibaThroughout the years, I-Work has supported various socially important events and projects with their ideas, actions and participation. The goal of our participation – to participate in the processes of educating the society, with an emphasis on the activities that develop and promote the labour market. Our specialists actively participate in projects and activities of educating and teaching the youth, as well as in the radio and TV projects that promote education of the society on issues related to the career and labour market. You can find our articles and opinions in the leading media that reflect the recent trends in the labour market.

Apart from the projects mentioned above, I-Work have participated in such projects as the TV shows “Here and Now”, “Signs of Money” etc., and published their advice and opinions in the following media,,,, magazines “Merchant’s Herald” and “Balance”, and other.

Ilze Boitmane and other experts of personnel management reflect the nuances of personnel recruitment in the context of social networks. There is a frequently asked question – do the employers research the profiles of the potential employees in the social media and, if they do, how often? There is an opinion that employers are influenced by the information that the candidates have published on their social media profiles.

Newspaper “Dienas bizness”: “Group Interview – a Challenge for Both Sides”
In the newspaper “Dienas bizness”, Ilze Boitmane reflects her opinion on group interviews and their topicality in the context of today’s labour market.

Project “The Room of Fulfilled Dreams”
Within an international training project, Kristaps Supols participates with the workshop “The Basics How to Succeed at An Interview”, where he conducts a training for Latvian and foreign youth on issues of a career and job search.

Radio NABA project for youth “Office 39”
Ilze Boitmane participates with an analysis of the most typical problem situations that young persons and students encounter, when they start looking for their first job. She looks at different situations and describes the mistakes that job seekers make most often.

Social campaign “Here could be job”
In co-operation with Ombudsman of the Republic of Latvia and the organization of people with disabilities and their friends “Apeirons”, a social campaign was organized in order to diminish discrimination at workplaces and to educate people on the aspects of job search. Ilze Boitmane, the representative of I-Work, participated in the press conference with a paper about the aspects of writing a CV and the Letter of Motivation.

A workshop for career consultants “The Anatomy of a Successful Career”, organized by the Department of Information and Career Support of the State Education Development Agency (SEDA/VIAA)
Ilze Boitmane, the Board Member of I-Work, conducts a workshop for the members of the Latvian Career Development Support Association about the day-to-day work of career consultants, the importance of career consultations, and the development of a career throughout the processes of a human life. During the workshop, Ilze Boitmane presents the main topics and topicalities of her book “The Anatomy of a Successful Career”.

The Career Days of Latvia University of Agriculture
I-Work Latvia participates in the Career Days organized by Latvia University of Agriculture. Ilze Boitmane conducts an informative workshop to the management students of the university about the possibilities of job and career, and presents her book “The Anatomy of a Successful Career”.

A lecture cycle for the prospective businessmen within the mentoring program organized by the association “Līdere”. Participation in the exchange of and passing on the experience in relation to the topics of personnel, recruitment, motivation and management.