Our enterprise wants to find an employee, what do we do to start the search process?

You should contact one of our Project Managers or write an email describing your necessity. Usually, we get in touch within 1–24 hours to find out the most appropriate solution for the enterprise and to start the search for an employee.

The personnel selection services usually are very expensive!

There is a stereotype in the labour market that only very rich companies use the services of personnel selection agencies. Our services are available to every enterprise that is in need of employees. We try to find the most appropriate, financially acceptable and fair solution for every enterprise.

How long will it take for you to find an employee?

In our co-operation, we allot one calendar month for finding an employee, but in separate cases, we can find an employee within 1–2 weeks. A more precise term can be determined only when our Project Managers receive a requirement-offer profile for the employee in search and other nuances.

What if you cannot find the employee we need?

In the beginning of personnel selection process, we evaluate and analyse the profile of the employee in search. If we foresee problems, we consult with the enterprise and inform them that the search process can possibly take longer and be more complex. In separate cases, if we understand that we cannot help the enterprise, we decline the request to find an employee.

Considering the fact that our payment system is result-oriented and the fee is to be paid only when an employee enters into a job contract, the financial losses of the enterprise in case of failure are minimal. Furthermore, the ratios of our effectiveness are very high, because we diagnose and analyse the potential problems of finding an employee in the very beginning of co-operation.

How does your company differ from other recruitment agencies?

We never compare our work with other companies’ work, because we follow our own quality standards. If it is necessary to reflect our competitiveness, we are attractive with comparatively accessible pricing and payment policy, rapid working tempo, fair attitude by the Project Managers, high level of communication and close co-operation all through-out the projects.

Would you suggest the traditional recruitment or head hunting?

The best solution can be identified by seeing the profile of the necessary employee and the history of the search for the candidate. We analyse the information and determine, which way of recruitment would be the most effective. Sometimes both selection types can be joined within one solution in order to lower the project costs.

What is the title of a company if it has not been indicated within the advertisement?

If the vacancy is published at I-Work website, you can contact the Project Manager, who is indicated as a contact person for the particular vacancy project. Usually, our specialist will be able to provide you with the title of the company and with more information about the vacancy. If the project is confidential, however, our specialists will present additional information only during the first interview.

The salary is never mentioned in the advertisements, how can I find it out in order to decide if it is worth to apply for the position?

In the practice of Latvia, the remuneration is not published, although in the most part of EU, this information is provided in the job advertisements. I-Work specialists possess the information on the scope of salary for a particular job advertisement, so you can contact them and receive more detailed information about the job offer you are interested in.

What do employers value most in a candidate’s CV in order to invite him/her to a job interview?

Basically, employers are interested in candidates’ work experience and a detailed description of responsibilities in the CV. Great emphasis is put on foreign languages and computer skills. The visual design of the CV and a comprehensive summary of information also are of importance.

How important is the Letter of Motivation?

If the Letter of Motivation is not required in the job advertisement, a CV is sufficient – just be sure to indicate the title of the vacancy in your email or cover letter. However, if you are serious about a new job, the Letter of Motivation is an additional bonus that provides better chances against the competition. In the Letter of Motivation, you can describe the information that cannot be included in the CV, for instance, the projects implemented, your portfolio, etc. If you don’t have an appropriate work experience, the Letter of Motivation enables you to highlight your informal experience, skills acquired, social and public activity that shows your potential.

Is not it so that the employees for the vacancies published are already known? How honest is the competition?

The vacancies published at I-Work website are real – the employees are truly required. Credibility is provided by the fact that a search of an employee with our help is a paid service. Enterprises are very serious about finding new employees, competition often includes various tests and tasks, and the best candidate gets the job.

I send out my CV often, but don’t receive responses. Do I have to call the enterprise and ask whether I have passed the competition?

Our Project Managers usually send out notices of rejection only when the competition has come to an end. Unfortunately, this kind of reply takes very long. The vacancy projects tend to take place 1–2 months from the moment of announcement. We do not send out rejections after the first round, because sometimes it is necessary to consider the partly suitable applicants repeatedly. It means that every candidate still has his/her chance to be approved for the next round.

We approve if a candidate contacts us in order to find out his/her progress within the particular vacancy competition. If our specialists have detailed information, we gladly share it with the candidate.

I am afraid to send my CV, because I am worried that my current employer will find it out.

I-Work ensures confidentiality throughout the recruitment process and does not provide the data to enterprises and the third parties without a consent of the candidate. If a CV is in our database, our Project Manager will first contact the candidate, and only with the consent of the candidate, the CV is sent to the employer. In view of our services, our Project Managers usually meet the potential candidates and present the job offer in person.

If I have sent my CV, how long it may take to receive an answer from the employer?

If the CV and Application have been sent, you must check the period of competition for the vacancy. Usually, it is indicated in the job advertisement. If there is no special notice, you will receive the first news after 1–2 weeks on average. This is the time when an enterprise gathers the first CVs and performs an analysis to select the candidates that are invited to participate in further discussions. If applications are sent to a recruitment company, the general process is similar, but in practice the candidates receive information about the interviews sooner.